Amazing Bucas Grande Island

The Tagaytay and Palawan Rolled Into One!

You can roam around the 12,445-hectare getaway and spend a perfect island vacation.

Bucas Grande Island has steadily become a by-word and must-visit place among seekers of best vacation spots for being an island getaway blessed with a variety of immaculate natural attractions and rich cultural heritage, the most intrepid travelers like you will surely be rewarded.

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Bucas Grande Sohoton Cave


Sohoton Cove, which is situated within the Sohoton Bay in the southern part of Bucas Grande Island, is known worldwide as a 60-hectare maze of interconnected clear water pools clasped by thickly vegetated limestone islets of more or less uniform appearance. For nature lovers, you need to come into the enchanting attraction only during low tide via the 40-meter Sohoton Cave serving as the sole entry and exit to the area when the tidal movement recedes enabling the sea water current to slow down or come to a complete stop. On board a canoe or paddled boat, you have to occasionally hold your breath and feel the thrill as the boat slowly enters the passage way. Going into the center of the cave and, as the foreign light from the other end meets your eyes, your observant ears would occasionally hear a mixture of strange sounds resembling that of banging metals and notice that the very dark corner on the left side occasionally emit a frying lard sound. With the dim light from the outside serving as background, you could gaze at the spellbinding stalactites hanging from the cave’s ceiling and, as you look down, you could see blended sea water colors often forming tiny whirlpools as the cave ends into the serenity of the lagoon. Truly, from the moment you’re are in, you'll ask if you're still in this world!

Other comely attractions inside and/or within the vicinity of the Sohoton Cove are the 7 Group of Islets; the Magnificent Rock Formations; the Hagukan Cave; the Magkukuob Cliff Diving Cave; and the Jellyfish Kingdom.

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Another attraction worthy of a visit is the Tiktikan Lagoon situated within the Sohoton Bay near the Shoton Bay Resort in Bucas Grande Island, Socorro, Surigao del Norte, Philippines.

From the Sohoton Tourist Assistance Center you head on to another attraction that widely gained prominence among nature lovers  and adventurers, which is the 2-hectare  shallow body of salt water close to the sea but separated from it by a narrow strip of land, dubbed the Tiktikan Lagoon. After less than 5-minute boat ride, you need to slog through a 45-degree rock stairway and, as you reach the peak, your weariness would completely vanish with the glimpse of the lagoon’s turquoise waters below  seen in  between tree trunks. A few more steps down and, from a vantage point in the reception center, guests are free to look around, face silence and experience the divine. To cap your visit, hop on a canoe, go boating and get inspired by the sight of the perfect symmetry between the mountain ranges and its reflections on the calm lagoon waters.

Other tourist-drawing attractions near the Tiktikan Lagoon are the Bolitas Cave; and the Crystal and Tundan Caves.

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Bucas Grande Tiktikan Lake
Bucas Grande Tiktikan Walkway
Bucas Grande Crystal Cave
Bucas Grande Tiktikan Lagoon

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“I just want to thank you again for the wonderful trip you planned for us...our visit to Bucas Grande Island was a trip of a lifetime and memories that will last forever! Your planning was flawless! And, thank you for selecting Ranjick to be our tour guide and Crisanto to be our boat operator. They were WONDERFUL...funny, knowledgeable, professional and all-around great. When my children thanked us for the trip and told us that they had the most amazing time imaginable, I told them not to thank ME. All I did was select YOU and you did it all! The only problem with this trip is that it can never be topped! Again, thank you so much. You, Sir Titing, and Ma’am Vanjie will always be in our hearts and minds.”

Aileen Eustaquio
AILEEN EUSTAQUIO Banker Zamboanga City, Philippines

“ Thank you so much for your tireless work on our behalf. The passion and excitement generated by this trip will stay with us forever. We find ourselves equipped with a new-found fascination and understanding of Bucas Grande Island and are basking in the glow of a phenomenal trip. I’m so glad we had the time to truly SAVOR the island. It was absolutely priceless to be able to see Bucas Grande through the eyes of those who love it and have made their beloved island their home. It was a very poignant experience for us. The spirit and warmth of the people cannot be measured! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Paul Brett

“Thank you for all your efforts in organizing our tour in Bucas Grande Island. Everyone is coming back filled with excitement, and enthusiasm knowing that they just experienced a once in a lifetime trip! The trip provided the perfect backdrop to bonding with the group, stimulating conversations and memories that’ll last. I loved the collaborative opportunities across the destinations, what an incredible experience. I feel very fortunate to work with such an impressive group of people! The trip that you concocted went above and beyond all expectations, and to that you are owed all the credit!”

Peter Elleman

I had a wonderful time at Sohoton Bay Resort. Especially the welcoming atmosphere and the beautiful views make me wanna go back immediately. Food was delicious too! I can only recommend going there and touring around with the associated travel agency "island vacation". To the Sangco Family, Thank you so much for everything! I had a lovely time with you and really enjoyed it! All the best and hopefully see you again.

Bucas Grande Sabrina Rossi
SABRINA ROSSI Masteral Student on International Affairs & Governance Universität St.Gallen (HSG), Switzerland