Experience fun and adventure at Sohoton Cove in Sohoton Bay to the fullest!

Enjoy nature at its finest
at Sohoton Cove, Tiktikan Lagoon & Bolitas/Crystal Caves in Sohoton Bay.


This tour package is intended for visitors who have the luxury of time so they can savor the beauty of Sohoton Cove and its vicinity for one (1)  whole day and night. Many tourists prefer this tour package as they would enjoy the beauty of Sohoton Cove without any pressure whatsoever.

You shall enjoy a day of full island life experience. We offer a respite from the hustles and bustles of urban life and enjoy a wide array of sightseeing, swimming, snorkeling, island hopping, scuba diving, boating, fishing, birding, trekking, caving, adventure diving, photo safari and jellyfish mingling activities in the world-renowned Sohoton Cove,which is a 60-hectare secluded place in the southeastern coast of Bucas Grande Island, in Socorro, Surigao del Norte, Philippines dubbed by local and foreign tourists as "El Nido, Coron and Underground River in Palawan combined." The Tour Manager shall see to it that the visitors can have first-hand encounter and enjoy the exhilarating experience while in the cove as they go swimming at the Hagukan Cave; enjoy rock climbing and adventure diving at Magkukuob Cave; go boating and have an encounter with the non-stingy Jellyfish; have delight in the serenity of the Tiktikan Lagoon and have fun caving at the Bolitas and Crystal/Tundan Caves.

Davao City-based tourists posing for posterity in one of the chambers at the Crystal Cave in Sohoton Bay, Bucas Grande Island

But what most tourists prefer for this tour package is the emotional thrill and ambiance of staying overnight at the Sohoton Bay Resort within the vicinity of the Sohoton Cove, detached from the usual busy world where you could enjoy unlimited beach bumming, night swimming and perform team building activities. You shall know more about the details of the Sohoton Bay Resort by clicking HERE.


Hayanggabon Port, Claver, Surigao del Norte, Philippines


Please arrive at least 6:00 AM for a prompt departure at 6:30 AM


Option 1: Guests availing of land transportation service in mini-coach (Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter Type Van) from the airport or city of origin (Davao City, Cagayan de Oro City, Butuan City and Surigao City) to Hayanggabon Port, Claver, Surigao del Norte, Philippines and vice versa;

Option 2: Guests who are commuting or bringing their own vehicle/s at the Hayanggabon Port, Claver, Surigao del Norte, Philippines.


1. For Option 1 Guests: Land Transportation;

2. Special boat transfer from Hayanggabon Port in Claver, Surigao del Norte, Philippines to Sohoton Cove and vice-versa. Tour guide shall meet the guests at Hayanggabon Port;

3. Air-conditioned room accommodation at the Sohoton Bay Resort, which is owned and managed by the Island Vacation Travel and Tours, situated at the powdery-white Puting Bato Beach within the vicinity of the Sohoton Cove. Modesty aside, the resort is the first of its kind in the entire Sohoton Bay area having a strong cellular signal and excellent globe mobile internet connectivity;

4. Motorized and non-motorized boat for island hopping;

5. Meals (Day 1: Lunch and Dinner; Day 2: Breakfast) with option for Regular Plate-In Type or Premium Sea foods-based Buffet Type;

6. Professional Guide;

7. Applicable Entrance/Environmental/Tour Guide Fees and other charges;

8. Travel Insurance (Optional).


1. Airfare;
2. For Option 2 Guests: Land Transportation;
3. Guide Gratuity (Optional).


If, for any reason, you are still wondering whether visiting Bucas Grande Island is worth the money, efforts and time, please check on the compelling grounds to spend your island vacation in the place by clicking HERE.



12:01- 4:30 AM: Departure

Departure time from airport/city of origin to the Hayanggabon Port in Claver, Surigao del Norte, Philippines.

  • 12:01 AM: Departure from Davao City (Minimum of 6 hours travel by private vehicle);
  • 1:01 AM: Departure from Cagayan de Oro City (Minimum of 5 hours travel by private vehicle);
  • 3:30 AM: Departure from Butuan City (Minimum of 2.5 hours travel by private vehicle);
  • 4:30 AM: Departure from Surigao City (Minimum of 1.5 hours travel by private vehicle).
6:00 AM: Arrival at Barangay Hayanggabon. Take early breakfast at Bergonia Restaurant near Hayanggabon Bridge. For Pre-Orders, you may contact the restaurant owner at +63 (910) 685-2202 (Note: Breakfast not included in tour package)
6:45- 7:00 AM: Proceed to Hayanggabon Port
7:01- 7:45 AM: Boat travel to the Sohoton Bay Resort within the vicinity of the Sohoton Cove
7:46- 8:45 AM: Billeting and Island Hopping Preparations
8:46- 9:00 AM: Boat travel to Sohoton Tourist Assistance Center
9:01- 9:15 AM: Registration and Orientation
9:16-12:00 N: Sohoton Eco-Adventure Tour (Part 1)
Ride pump boat and pass through the Sohoton Cave, a 40-meter entrance to the 60-hectare Sohoton Cove. While inside the cove, admire the sight of the seven group of islets of almost identical size resembling that of floating dish gardens adorned alongside azure waterways. Enjoy the spectacular, scenic and sometimes colorful rock formations carved through weathering and erosion that sculpted the lime stones into magnificent forms. Experience swimming at the luminous green waters inside the Hagukan (Snoring) Cave and enjoy rock climbing and cliff jumping at the Magkukuob (Bending) Cave. Swim and mingle with the smack of Spotted Jelly or Lagoon Jelly (Mastigias papua) whose stings are too mild to feel, hence, often referred to as non-stinging jellyfish.
12:01-1:00 PM: Lunch at the Sohoton Bay Resort
1:01-4:00 PM: Sohoton Eco-Adventure Tour (Part 2)
Enjoy boating and tightrope challenge at Tiktikan Lagoon and experience the underground world while caving at Crystal, Tundan and Bolitas Caves.
4:01 - 5:30 PM- Club Tara Resort
Sightseeing and landscape photo shooting.
6:00 - 7:00PM- Beach Dinner at the Sohoton Bay Resort
7:00 -10:00PM-Team Building Activities
Parlor Games and Videoke Challenge.


5:00 - 7:00 AM: Beach Swimming and Breakfast
Languorous swimming, snorkeling, beach basking and breakfast by the beach at Puting Bato Beach fronting Sohoton Bay Resort.
7:00 - 8:00 AM: Boat Travel to Hayanggabon Port
8:00 AM – Onward: Homeward Bound
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Choose The Option That Best Suits Your Needs
And Desired Experiences


Tour Rate: "Depends on the number of guests in a group."
Pick-Up/Drop-Off Point:"City/Airport of Origin in Mindanao."
Transportation: "Van + Boat"


Tour Rate: "Depends on the number of guests in a group."
Pick-Up/Drop-Off Point:"Hayanggabon Port, Claver, Surigao del Norte."
Transportation: "Boat"